Go check out some of my very talented friends and musical family on the web:

Chris Taylor
This guy is very cool and has a beautiful gift for writing amazing music.  A great friend, a great singer-songwriter...and oh...should I mention his Dove Award?  While you're checking out his music, make sure you look at his very cool and unique artwork.  I get to perform with Chris from time to time.  Check out the Upcoming Events list on the Home page for upcoming dates.

This is a great group playing soulful, funky, groovin', smooth jazz.  You may also see some members of this band backing up many of the big names in smooth jazz when they come to town. 

Ruben V
One of the most awesome guitarists on the planet.  And while you're still in awe of the musicianship...don't miss the fact that he's also an amazing singer-songwriter.
He created the stage name "The Big O".  A great friend and brother.  Check the Calendar for upcoming dates when I play with Ruben. 

La Bella / Steve Doctor
Very smooth jazz guitarist from right here in San Antonio.  He has performed with the likes of Peter White and  Jackiem Joyner.